Giffords Hall Madeleine Angevine 2015 White Pinot Blanc

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Establishing itself as one of the UK ‘signature varietals’, Madeleine is a very distinctive early ripening grape with a thin skin and a very floral, delicate character. It grows with great exuberance here and often overcrops. We are one of the biggest UK producers of MA, described by one Lady Master of Wine as ‘aromatic, floral, usually smells like an English garden after a spring/summer shower’.

Madeleine is originally a Loire valley grape, but this clone came from Switzerland and is known as the 'Chasselas of the north'. Madeleine is an important component of our Provencal style dry rose, but the 2010 stand alone wine was highly successful and sold out very quickly, so we have followed the our instincts and made this part of our line up.
This is a very dry, crisp, refreshing white, reminiscent of an Alsace Pinot Blanc - excellent as an aperitif or with light dishes or fish. The 2013 is one of the best yet - very smooth, with a crisp acidity and good depth.

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