​"English Class In A Glass!"

Did you read Matthew Jukes article "English Class In A Glass!"on 23rd March 2019, which included a summary of his Top 100 English wines? If not, you would have seen his review of our very own featured vineyards, including our recently added Camel Valley and the forthcoming Lyme Bay . If you missed it, here is his summary.


STAR WINES: There’s an embarrassment of riches at this sparkling wine specialist estate. The 2013 Blanc de Noirs is phenomenal, with floral tones and a buoyant palate. NV Bloomsbury is a world-class fizz that trounces French rivals in blind tastings. 2014 Cavendish is slim, youthful and alluring, while NV Fitzrovia Rosé is a no-nonsense, bold, fruit-driven wine. 2013 Rosé de Noirs is more intense, with character and drive. All in all, this is a flagship brand for our industry.

Camel Valley:
STAR WINES: Pick any bottle of wine you like from Camel Valley and I promise you it will be a winner.
My top three I’m featuring here are the 2014 Brut, which shows unerring accuracy with commanding flavours, ultra-fine bubbles and stunning freshness; the 2015 Bacchus , which is still one of the great white wines in the country; and my highest-scoring wine from this remarkable estate, the 2014 Chardonnay Brut .

Giffords Hall:
STAR WINES: 2016 Madeleine Angevine has attractive spice and white pepper notes overlaying a citrus palate. It would be superb with pâté and goats’ cheese. The 2016 Bacchus is a feather-light, lemony style for aperitif duties.

Lyme Bay:
STAR WINES: Lyme Bay’s wines are superbly crafted. 2015 Chardonnay is exceptional, with a long finish thanks to the splash of bacchus that’s added to the chardonnay core.
2015 Shoreline is a bacchus-dominant blend with a fragrance of sea spray and wild flowers, while 2015 Bacchus Block is crammed full of asparagus and elderflower notes.

I know we are biased but it's great to see the experts agree with our choice of wines!!

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